wordonfire said: Hi! I remember going to your bookstore once when I was about eight, and visiting Halifax. One of the things I remembered after visiting was the round window made of books, and how the entire place was just covered floor to ceiling. Going back to the states, no one believed me that I found such a wonderful place. I'm glad that I've found you again, and that now (hopefully) I'll be able to visit your new location.

Hey! I’m glad you found it again too! Note: I photographed the bookstore but by no means is it mine! Be sure to check out their new location in Dartmouth Nova Scotia should you return :)

Thanks for the note!

#jwdbookstoreseries She’s curious, are you?

test prints 6/6

#jwdbookstoreseries test prints - you can put’em anywhere! 5/6

Oddly enough, years ago, I always saw the “Opened” sign on JWD’s door and wonder why it seemed to be in past tense? Why did it not simply say “Open”? Perhaps it’s an even more proper way of speaking than I’m even aware of hehe

#jwdbookstoreseries test prints 4/6

More test prints!



#JWDBookstoreseries test prints! 2/6 #photography

Hey there all you lovely followers! I’m in the process of applying to a festival to show some photos from this series, and got some test prints back! Pretty soon you can own any of these pretty babies yourselves, but hopefullly in an even larger dimension…!




February 29, 2012 vs. April 25, 2012.

Books into boxes; bigger tears on the stairs.

Dearest followers!

Thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of my lil’ heart, for sharing, loving, and re-blogging my work! One of my last posts has almost 7,000 notes!! What an incredible surprise! I guess it won’t be hard to decide if that shot will be included in my final selection for prints ;). Oh yeah, did I mention I’m soon going to be selling prints representing the series? Stay tuned, and happy blogging!



The entrance to Doull Books in Halifax adorned the Statue of St. Paul for many years. Here are photos taken Week 1, 4, 7 and 12, respectively. The statue did not go to the new location.

Lastly, John managed to build a curved wall of books! How awesome is that? You’ll find this one to the left, at the back after you enter.

I’ll leave you to discover the remaining gems in the new location…thanks for following!

Yes, it still exists! This time it’s in a new location that’s a bit fun to play with. Check it out!

Dartmouth location, taken June 27 2012

Some final shots, at the new location at 122 Main Street, Dartmouth! Taken on Wednesday, June 27 2012, two months after the final shots in the Halifax location.

To start off, a view from the main entrance - the Penguin Section seen in tact at the back of the store…


I made a quick stop into Doull Book’s new location in Dartmouth today! Stay tuned for a few shots from the new space….


I may as well ask ya’ll, the viewers…

What kind of comparison photos would you like to see emphasized next? Anything special?